Who are we?

America Diagnostics (A DBA company for America Diagnosis, Inc) is a reliable provider of diagnostic tools and raw materials for the diagnostic partners. We also provide custom manufacture services of lateral flow kits for clinical application in our China facility.

Our Focus

America Diagnostics is dedicated to providing diagnostic tools and biomarkers for better detection and management of cancer and other critical diseases. Our core technology is based on our proprietary protein expression systems and its fluorescent labeling system originally developed for detection of a variety of tumor markers. Our strength lies in our unique combination of a team comprised of top-notch biomedical scientists, prestigious international advisors, and executive board of global standing. Looking forward, we will remain committed in our efforts to developing and commercializing new and innovative in vitro diagnostic products that aid healthcare professionals in greater individualized patient care.

Product Quality

Recognizing the importance of the product quality, we have enforced the ISO9001:2008 quality management system on our US facility, both ISO9001:2008 and GMP practice in our manufacture site in China. Reliable and Reproducible are standard requirement for each of our product.