Immune Based Kits

Disease marker targeting with specific antigen or antibody has been applied in many classic immunoassay diagnostic kits, it just works. America Diagnostics manufactures reliable and reproducible immune diagnostics kits with high quality antigens and antibodies which have been approved broadly in both bio-medical rearch field and clinic study.

1. AmeriDx® ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) kits

1.1. Principle

A typical sandwich ELISA needs an antibody pair, both of them specifically bind to the target antigen on different epitopes, one is capture antibody and the other is detecting antibody. 96-well plate is coated with the capture antibody. when the sample is added, the specific target antigen present binds to capture antibody, then the detecting antibody is added, and binds to antigen on different epitope. The second antibody (detecting antibody) is conjugated with biotin, once the two antibodies bind to the antigen on the plate surface, the enzyme (usually horse redish peroxidase, HRP)-linked avidin (specifically recognizes biotin) comes in, and forms the big complex (captiure antibody-antigen-detecting antibody-biotin-avidin-enzyme). When the substrate is added, and is converted by enzyme to coloring form which canb detected by ELISA reader.

 ELISA Scheme


1.2. AmeriDx® ELISA Kits


AmeriDx® Human CA125 Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E21231217
AmeriDx® Human CEA Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E21231220
AmeriDx® Human HE4 Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E21231218
AmeriDx® Human LP-PLA2 Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E21231223
AmeriDx® Human Mesothelin Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E30142009
AmeriDx® Human NGAL Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E30142007
AmeriDx® Human PCT Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E21231219
AmeriDx® Human Transferrin Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E20142006
AmeriDx® Zika NS1 Antigen ELISA Kit Cat# E21231222 


2. AmeriDx® Rapid test kits

2.1. Principle

AmeriDx rapid test kit uses a pair of antibody targeting the same antigen at different epitope, one is the capture antibody, and the other is detecting antibody. Detecting antibody conjugated with gold particles, attached to sample pad, whenthe sample is loaded on the sample pad, the gold particle-detecting antibody binds specifically to target antigen, forms a complex (gold-detecting antibody-antigen), the complex flow toward the capture antibody line, and is captured specially by the capture antibody, stopped, and stacked, forms a visible line by naked eye, positive line. If there is no specific antigen presented in the sample, no stacking of the antibody-antigen-gold complex stacking, therefore no line can be seen at that position.

 Rapid Test Cart Scheme


2.2. AmeriDx® Rapid test kits


AmeriDx® Adenovirus Rapid Test Kit Cat# R30142003
AmeriDx® SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit Cat# R30143011
AmeriDx® SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Rapid Test Kit Cat# R30143012
AmeriDx® Calprotectin (CPTN) Rapid Test Kit  Cat# R24231213
AmeriDx® CEA Rapid Test Kit  Cat# R24231215
AmeriDx® H. pylori Rapd Test Kit Cat# R30142004
AmeriDx® Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) Antigen Rapid Test Kit Cat# R30142001
AmeriDx® Giardia Rapid Test Kit  Cat# R24321205
AmeriDx® Rotavirus Rapid Test Kit Cat# R30142002
AmeriDx® Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit Cat# R23231214