Introduction to GeneScanTM Precision DNA Analysis System

The GeneScanTM Precision DNA Analysis System is a fluorescent PCR quantification-based method for quickly identifying specific genes or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs). DNA extracted from saliva can be used as the DNA source. First DNA is extracted from 200 uL of saliva sample or from saliva sample collected from the saliva sample collection scraper (Cat# ADX0139) included in the GeneScanTM Saliva DNA Extraction kit. This DNA is used as the PCR template. The target DNA is amplified on the GeneScanTM gene chip. Once the amplification is done, an image of the chip is taken using the GeneScanTM Imager. The image is then analyzed with the GeneScanTM image analysis software and the test results are printed out.

The system has four modules: 1) Sample preparation, with GeneScanTM proprietary technology, the DNA extraction form saliva sample can be done as quickly as in 8 minutes; 2) PCR amplification, the unique design of the PCR instrument fits our custom PCR chip, the amplification can be done in 30 minutes; 3) Fluorescence imaging, after the amplification of target gene, the products can be read by the pre-loaded fluorescence; 4) Computer software embedded in the fluorescence reader can quickly print out the test results of the fluorescence read-out.

A video is available for review here (GeneScan Video).

genescan system animation1003


At 2018 Tri-con, We presented a poster about the application of GeneScanTM on Microbiome.